Steve Fairnie Arts Review at Greenbelt 1989

Steve Fairnie as Albert Einstein

Steve Fairnie performs Muscle Culture with Writz in 1980

THE KID - Steve Fairnie Talks about The Kid
Steve interviewed by Mick Robson about THE KID

The Kid: Late!

The Kid: Picnic

The Kid: Photograph

The Kid: Star Bar

The Kid: Launderette

The Kid: Restaurant

The Kid: Doors

The Kid: Telephones

The Kid: Garage

The Kid: Invisible Bag

The Kid: Wood

The Kid: Waiting

The Kid: Party

Film: FAIRNIE This is Not a Rehearsal Exhibition

Four Days in Summer [Greenbelt 1991; Look out for Fairnie at 4’36”!)

The Jets – Blue Skies Featuring Fairnie (prisoner) and Sage (Moll).

Ricchi e Poveri – Voulez Vous Danser Fairnie featuring appearance as Charlie Chaplin.