Discography & Lyrics

The discography below is possibly not exhaustive, but details the main releases in chronological order. Click on song titles to view lyrics (when available – will open new tab/window). 

Can't Be Bad cover1975 – Fish Co – Can’t Be Bad (album)
Beneath The Laughter1978 – Fish Co – Beneath The Laughter (album)
Night Nurse single1979 – Writz – Night Nurse  (single)
Writz LP1979 – Writz – Writz  (album)
Night Nurse – Luxury –
Swinging With The Reptiles – Drive Away – Movies – Robberoni – Private Lives – TV Times – Super Heroes Muscle Culture
Holiday Romance 1980 – Famous Names – Holiday Romance B/W Talk It Out Tonight  (single)
1981 – Famous Names – Venetian Blind (unreleased album)
Tracks: Muscle Culture II – Observation – Techno Refugee – Blind Girl – Jack’s Party – Change Is On The Way – Venetian Blinds – Dance On – Boy – When Pleasure Is Pain
Falling In Love Again 1981 – Techno Twins – Falling In Love Again B/W Donald & Julie Go Boating (single)

Can't Help Falling In Love1981 – Techno Twins – Can’t Help Falling In Love B/W Kings & Queens Of Pleasure (single)

Swing Together1982 – Techno Twins – Swing Together
B/W Beautiful Women In Bermuda Shorts (single)

Technostalgia1982 – Techno Twins – Technostalgia (album)
Swing Together (I Want to be Loved By You/In the Mood) – Beautiful Women in Bermuda ShortsGone With the Wind – Hi-Tech – Donald & Julie Go Boating – I Got You Babe – Falling In Love AgainRomantic NightsKings & Queens of PleasureCan’t Help Falling In LoveAngels of Mercy
Casualtease 1982 – Techno Orchestra –  Casualtease (album)
Let There Be Neon  – Mechanical BalletBerlin BallerinaObservation  – Techno Refugee – Lunatic Republic – When Is Pleasure Pain? – Boy – Lily Marlene – Military Business (Muscle Culture II)
Curious Collection1983 – Various Artists – Curious Collection (compilation album)
Pietro Dinzee – When You Get What You Wanted, Famous Names – You’re The Cream in my Coffee, Steve Rowles – Venetian Blind, Steve Fairnie – Button Up, Bev Sage – Blind Girl, Nick Battle – Big Boy, Early Warning – Escape From Emotion, Click – Touch Too Much, P.S. Personal – Compassion, Writz – Downtown, Techno Orchestra – Dance On, Crocodile Tears – Angel Station
Foreign Land single1983 – The Technos – Foreign Land (single)

1984 – The Technos – Hype / Nightime Heaven (single)
Spirit of the Thing1984 – The Technos – Spirit of the Thing B/W Visions of the Night (single)
Foreign Land1985 – The Technos – Foreign Land (album)
Falling In Love Again1985 – The Technos –  Falling In Love Again B/W s Prisoner of Love (single)
1985 – The Technos – Foreign Land (single)
Songs for      a Nervous World1988 – The Technos – Songs For A Nervous World (album)