Fish Co artefacts

Flyer for a show at the tiny Salt Cellar in Bristol circa 1976/77. Show unsuitable for young children! At the time, Fish Co described themselves this way: “Fish Co seek not only to entertain, but provide a real insight into the way they think, and observe things around them. Their programme involves a great deal of humour and yet they still manage to portray the sincerity that is so evident, when you get to know them. Don’t miss the chance to spend some time listening to them, find out for yourselves.”


Publicity package put out in late 1977. Excerpt: “In the summer of 1977 Fairnie and Rowles turned professional after 5 years as a semi-pro duo. With the formation of their powerful support band, Fish Co have lost none of their original ‘duo flavour’ but their qualities have been highlighted by the depth of talent in the new band. Already the line-up has been featured on national TV and radio and toured Northern Ireland and Holland.”

Contact sheet

Early photo session.

Full line-up

Some say the 70s were the decade that fashion forgot. How wrong they are.
Fish Co circa 1977. Back row: Rowan O’Duffy, Bev Sage, Barbie Benson, Jules Hardwick. Front: Steve Fairnie, Steve Rowles.


1977 festival with a lot of familiar names: Garth, Stew, the ‘Shell and, er, Cliff.

Contact sheet

Beneath The Laughter photo session.

On stage

The Fish Co live experience circa 1978, as featured on the back of the Beneath The Laughter album cover.