Techno Orchestra – Casualtease (1982)

Track list
1. Let There Be Neon (Hewson)
2. Mechanical Ballet (Fairnie/Sage/Hewson)
3. Berlin Ballerina (Fairnie/Sage/Hewson)
4. Observation (Fairnie/Rowles)
5. Techno Refugee (Sage)
6. Lunatic Republic (Fairnie/Sage/Hewson)
7. When Is Pleasure Pain? (Fairnie/Rowles)
8. Boy (Fairnie/Rowles)
9. Lily Marlene (Schutze/Leip)
10. Military Business (Muscle Culture II) (Fairnie/Rowles)

Album info
Primary Casuals: Steve Fairnie, Bev Sage, Jules Hardwick, Peter Williams, Cathy Rose
Young Vic Casuals: Barbie Wilde, Steve Rowles, Tik, David Hewson
Clarendon Casual: Nick Malham
All tracks produced by Simon Humphries and the Technos. Tracks 4, 5, 7, 8 10, pre-Techno production Steve Rowles, Boy produced by Steve Rowles. Engineered by Jules Brown.
Management: John Glover Street Tunes
Visual addition: Electric Blue Weirdos
Wire netting: Rob Quinn
Vertical bed and bows: Nabby Nook
Cover concept: Sage/Fairnie (courtesy B&S Promotions)
Cover design: Bob Bowkett
Additional graphic information: Jon Turner