The Technos – Foreign Land album (1985)

Track list
1. Falling In Love Again (F. Hollander/R. Conelly/Hollander)
2. Spirit of the Thing (Cook/Rafferty)
3. Prisoner of Love (Fairnie/Sage/Hughes)
4. Crying in the Rain (Fairnie/Sage/Hughes)
5. Visions Of The Night (Fairnie/Sage/Hughes)
6. Foreign Land (Fairnie/Sage/Hughes)
7. Nightime Heaven (Fairnie/Sage/Pope)
8. Lunatic Republic (Fairnie/Sage/Hewson)
9. Clowns on the Ground (Fairnie/Sage/Hewson)
10. Slowboats to China (Fairnie/Sage/Hughes)

Album info

  • Credited to The Technos with Musical Accompaniment
  • Produced by Phil Harding (Falling, Spirit, Prisoner, Nightime, Clowns), Ann Dudley (Crying, Visions, Lunatic, Slowboats), Joe Glassman (Foreign)
  • Management: Camp Creative London
  • Photos: T. Toms
  • Art: S. Fairnie