The Technos – Songs For A Nervous World album (1988)

Track list
1. Friends & Frontiers (Fairnie/Sage)
2. Dare to Dance (Fairnie/Sage/Hughes)
3. Share Food Like The Bees (Fairnie/Sage/Hewson)
4. Beat The Wings (Fairnie/Sage/Pope)
5. Mechanical Ballet (Fairnie/Sage/Hewson)
6. Half A Story (Fairnie/Rowles)
7. War: One Voice (Paul Field)
8. Pioneer’s Song (Fairnie/Sage)
9. Walk Into The Light (Fairnie/Sage/Pope)
10. What You Believe (Fairnie/Sage)

Album info

  • Produced by Joey Powers
  • Engineer: Doug Oberkirker
  • Assistant Engineer: Dan Rudin
  • Recorded at Grand Slam Studios, W. Orange, NJ
  • Album cover art: Canvas Chain / Photographs: David Rose